Together we can Power Africa

IMPI Power is creating an ecosystem of communities and economies that are powered by the Sun creating exciting business opportunities.

When you partner with IMPI Power, you’re joining a mission to provide power to every African.

Joining us means you’re able to enjoy the benefits and resources that our ecosystem and scale provide. We’ve developed a robust platform of tools and services to support the near and long-term growth of our partners.


Impi Power is committed to providing an industry-leading customer experience. We believe in partnering with businesses & entrepreneurs who share the same customer-centric philosophy, and providing them with the resources necessary to successfully scale in the marketplace.


Impi residential

Our custom-designed IMPI Power home package includes more than high-quality solar panel technology for your home. Working with our certified solar engineers you get a passionate team ready to ensure your system is right for you now, and keeps working for you long into the future.


Impi commercial & industrial

With IMPI Power you’ll get access to power and more control over your energy expenses. Our solution gives your business protection against unpredictable power outages and utility
rate hikes.

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